False Magnetic Eyelash


  1. False Magnetic Eyelash
  2. Description

Glam Girl Magnetic Eyelash!!! Have you heard of the new buzz? It’s Magnetic lashes, and they are taking the industry by storm! These new magnetic lashes are ridiculously easy to apply. Also a big plus for these new falsies is that they don’t damage your natural lashes. Magnetic lashes are mentioned in Allure Magazine as one of 2016’s “Best of Beauty Breakthrough” products. If you had issues with the conventional glue on falsies like allergy etc. then these falsies are for you.

  1. Feature
  • Easy to put on and look very natural.
  • Made from synthetic fibers and hand-crafted in China.
  • Can be reused for three months, depending on how they are cared for.
  • The magnetic lash strips clearly require no adhesive.
  • The pre-curved band enables a perfect contour fit to create a wonderfully natural lash look.
  1. Details
Name False Magnetic Eyelash
Item.No GMMC-1003
Style Gorgeous, Cute, Sexy, Sweet, Natural
Martial Synthetic Fiber
Curl J, B, C, D, CC, L
Thickness 0.05-0.30
Length 5-20mm
MOQ 100Pair
Deliver Time 15-20Days
Package Our Standard Package or Your Private Brand
Payment T/T, Paypal, Western Union and Money Gram.
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With many years of experience in providing Private Label/OEM services, we have the resources and knowledge to achieve your project objectives.

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You can provide your own packaging design or UPC barcodes and we will use this to package your orders.

  • Customer contacts us regarding the product and styles needed.
  • Customer contact us regarding the product and style needed sample.
  • We provide solution addressing customer’s needs, make sample product and send it for review.
  • Customer review the samples.
  • Customer place the order and we deliver it on agreed timeline.
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