With many years of experience in providing Private Label Lashes/OEM services, we have the resources and knowledge to achieve your project objectives.


Fill out the form on our contact us page, where we ask you a few initial questions about your lash collection.


We organise a meeting either over the email or phone to discuss your ideas in further detail about lash and lash package.

3.Trend Research

We now progress onto trend research and mood boards. This helps us to see what’s already out there on the market and what will work best for your collection.

4.Visual Designs

We create your designs using Adobe Illustrator and/or by hand to give you a visual representation of your prefer.

5.Pre-production Sample

This is a sample made from your chosen final bulk order lashes and lash package with branding and everything needed as per your designs, so you can give us feedback before we proceed with bulk production. This is made in manufacturing and is completely free. Please note that samples are not an exact replica of your final product, they are made for us to discuss your final desired outcome. We don’t offer a salesman samples only service, meaning a manufacturing order is required.

6.Bulk Order

In order to make your final collection we require a minimum quantity of 2-5 different items for small orders and can make 300 pcs of each design and colour including various stylist. For larger collections of 5+ different items, we can produce 200 pcs per design and colour in various stylist and even go down to 150 pcs.

7.Final Product

The final product is complete and delivered to you ready for
marketing and sales.

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